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AAA: ATTACK ALL AROUND (discography)

(left-to-right) Sueyoshi Shuuta, Atae Shinjiro, Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Uno Misako, Goto Yukari (former member), Nishijima Takahiro, Urata Naoya, Ito Chiaki

Small Bio:
AAA (Attack All Around) was created in 2005 and produced by AVEX. The original band started out with the five boys and Uno Misako, but with the lack of girls, Ito Chiaki and Goto Yukari were added. All boys were previously Suzuki Ami's backup dancers.

Their members consist of Nishijima Takahiro (1986), Uno Misako (1986), Urata Naoya (1982), Hidaka Mitsuhiro (1986), Atae Shinjiro (1988), Sueyoshi Shuuta (1986), and Ito Chiaki (1987).

This is a JPOP band, and their songs have been compared to Johnny's Entertainment and Hello!Project frequently. Because AAA is a co-ed band, with a good amount of male vocalists and female vocalists, they have grown popular fairly quickly.

Main vocals are Misako, Nishijima, and Urata. Rapping vocals are Hidaka, and occasionally Chiaki. The remaining four members are back-up singers, and are main(?) dancers.

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- Please purchase AAA's albums if you like what you hear! ♥♥

(2006.11.09) uploaded discog up to chewing gum
(200?.00.00) added new releases as released. left discog dead for a bit.
(2011.10.26) fixed up post. reuploaded all old releases in 320kbps. added everything from beyond karada no kanta onwards.

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dance dance dance till we run this townn

this gif is always relephant ok

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life. 2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character/member from each item band. 3) When someone guesses correctly, strikethrough the item band and put the name of your favorite character/member next to it.

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So Bloody Monday is probably the best goddamn drama ever created ever. EPISODE 7 HURRY UP AND BE SUBBED SO I CAN WATCH YOU.

OH GOD ME AND MY NARIHIRO OBSESSION LATELY. ): All the gorgeous Japanese actors are dragging me away from my Korean fandom kaflsdjflksdjflakds

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HANDinHAND :: a zhou mi/henry fic {chap 03}

chapter 3!!

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readers, i'm so sorry this took so long!
honestly, i got this done two months ago (in around july) while I was on vacation so it was resting in my flash drive.
when i got home (last month), my flash drive broke. YEAH and I had a massive brain fart when trying to remember when everything happened and how it happened.
so... parts are a little BS'd. sorry about that, hopefully it's not THAT horrible. :((

four members of SJ-M down, three to go! :]
i have an idea what to do with them, but i'm not entirely sure at the moment haha.

a bit more on donghae's past in the next chapter, i think.
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HANDinHAND :: a zhou mi/henry fic {chap 02}

school bites. :D

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my review on it to my cousin/beta:

[13:04] "cousin": donghae, you fatass

[13:05] kyu loves min: god
[13:05] kyu loves min: it's so fucking funny, like.
[13:06] kyu loves min: the stupidness of it

I hope I'll get Wonnie in the next chapter. ack. so many ideas, too jumbled up.
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HANDinHAND :: a zhou mi/henry fic {chap 01}

HENRY + ZHOU MI FIC. finally. my friend beta'd for me and she got half-way and then... became busy with school and didn't go online much. :( so it's pretty half-assed. too lazy to go back and edit this, so it's just been sitting here for about a month. nonetheless...

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